Frank R. Crevier Collection


The Mariner is honored to introduce the Frank R. Crevier Collection, featuring over 100 original works by this amazing Artisan & Great Lakes Maritime Historian &  Preservationist. His works span a ship building history from 1870-1920.   Visit our Crevier gallery dedicated to this artisan during normal  business hours or by appointment. 

Limited Edition prints, signed and numbered by the artist, are available.  Select original works are also available for sale.

Frank R. Crevier (1910-1986) had a true love of Great Lakes Ships as  he represented in his delineation of these vessels in his many works.  His mission with every piece he drew and hand-colored, was to preserve a  part of our heritage of water transportation.

Frank was born  in Marine City in 1910 to Dr. Frank J and Anna Roberts Crevier. His  father died when he was seven years of age and he was raised by his  mother ad grandmother. Catherine Harrow Roberts, whose father and  brothers build the side wheel tug Young America and other vessels just  north of Algonac. His grandfather, William, and great-uncle, Walter  Roberts, along with David Lester organized the Lester And Roberts  shipyard in Marine City, which was later sold to Sidney McLouth. He  later moved to Algonac where  he married his childhood sweetheart Dixie. His studio was located in  Algonac behind his home. He traveled the country in his vocation with  the  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Mr. Crevier was a long-time  hard-working Board member of Lake Huron Marine Society.  He was a member  of the Museum of Arts and History, the Marine Historical Society of  Detroit, the Lake Huron Marine Society, the Steamship Historical  Society, the Algonquin Club, ASOTA AHMED Lodge of Marquette, the Toronto  Marine Historical Society, the Garrison Lodge 90, The Minot Consistory  and the Great Lakes Maritime Institute.

One of Frank's ideas  and implementation was the Preservation of Great Lakes Side Ship  Launchings. Its main function was organizing social outings to ship  launchings at Collingwood, Ontario. These excursions celebrated that  yard's famous side launches

The Crevier Collection

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