The Mariner Theater

The Mariner offers screenings of classic movies, independent films and documentaries on select days. The  Mariner recaptures a touch of movie house magic by returning forty-eight antique period theater seats, surround sound and a state-of-the-art movie screen.

This  venue is also available at limited times for special event rentals for  hosting your own film showings and parties. Subject to film content  event approval. In addition to classic movies, the  Mariner will provide Marine City an opportunity, unique to the entire  thumb area, to host and enjoy rare, stimulating and thought provoking  film works in the form of documentaries and independent films.

Terms & Disclaimer - Tickets  are sold for date and can only be exchanged based on availability with a  24 hour notice or at the discretion of the theater manager. Tickets not  exchanged for future viewing times within 14 days are considered void.  The taking of non-flash photography is allowed. No flash photography in  exhibit permitted.