Titanic Exhibit

Titanic - The Building of an Icon Exhibit

The Mariner exhibits a piece of history in the form of the most accurate builder’s model of the RMS Titanic ever created. Harland & Wolff, the same company that built the real gargantuan ship, commissioned Fine Arts Models to create a model of the sunken RMS Titanic. Fine Arts Models referred to the original plans, drawings and every existing photograph of the Titanic. It took them 7 years to come up with a painstakingly detailed replica of the ship that was built in 1912.

This exhibit explores the engineering marvel behind the construction of the  largest passenger ship of its time. Through visuals, we share the  celebration of the construction of Titanic and share interesting facts  about this incredible ship you never knew before.  This exhibit is  informative, interesting and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Marvel at the intricate design of the 18 foot long model and dive into the story of the most ambitious passenger ship of its time. 

This exhibit is open to the public during scheduled times or by appointment.